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The Committee on Strategic Planning and Priorities (CSPP) is charged with promoting the TCNJ Mission and Core Beliefs as the primary guides in campus planning, decision-making, and resource allocation.  CSPP serves as the Planning Council for the President in the strategic areas of Leadership, Planning, and Decision-making. In this capacity, it advises and supports the President’s development and periodic review of the College’s institutional strategic plan and strategic initiatives.

  • CSPP is responsible for the maintenance of the College’s Institutional Strategic Plan.  CSPP will continuously review the Institutional Strategic Plan and conduct a comprehensive revision at least every five years.
  • CSPP will regularly examine the campus Mission and Core Beliefs, priorities, and progress in meeting goals, as summarized in the institutional planning documents.  To facilitate this role, it will coordinate all campus strategic planning, soliciting current strategic plans from each Planning Council and from each School and creating a central secure web repository of strategic planning documents. CSPP will provide the President with feedback, questions, or recommendations on campus Mission and Core Beliefs, priorities, and progress.
  • CSPP will evaluate strategic needs and priorities of the College’s mission as reflected in proposals that emanate from College governance, major institutional planning areas, and institutional task forces.  CSPP will take the initiative to inform and also respond to requests for input on the drafting of proposals that are pertinent to the long-range direction of the College.  Such proposals or studies may concern new objectives, critical reexamination of existing strategic objectives, or resource allocation.  CSPP will review the reporting relationship and function of the Planning Councils and confirm that each planning officer has reviewed his/her strategic plan on an agreed-upon schedule, in consultation with the appropriate Planning Council, and submitted it to CSPP for review.  CSPP will ensure that these plans are consistent with the Mission and Core Beliefs of the College. CSPP also will receive action minutes for each Planning Council meeting and will post them, along with its own action minutes, to the Governance web site. CSPP will annually review the current and projected financial situation of the College. The Committee will establish and update guiding principles for resource allocation, including new spending and cost saving.
  • CSPP will ensure that long-range planning is linked to decision-making and budgeting processes, and that planning processes are clearly communicated, provide for stakeholder participation, and incorporate the use of assessment results.  CSPP will periodically examine internal and external challenges and opportunities and define strategies for achieving the College mission and enhancing the College’s future effectiveness.  Included in this will be review, as needed, of the principles for shaping the College’s multi-year calendar.

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